and Heroku–A Kiwi Perspective

I posted yesterday about the purchase by Salesforce of Ruby on Rails application platform Heroku. This is a quick post to look at how this can make a big difference to the ecosystem of developers out there who make their living using these tools.

Fellow New Zealand company Trineo is a company that must be thinking all its Christmases have come at once today. Trineo is a boutique development company that has focused exclusively on two areas – development and bespoke web app development generally using, you guessed it, Ruby and Heroku.

I’m aware of a really cool project that Trineo has recently undertaken and that I’ll write about soon – but in the interim it’s worth looking at what the $200 million plus acquisition of Heroku means for this small company. All of a sudden, the development language, and application platform they use has gained a huge amount of mainstream awareness. Simultaneously the platform they develop enterprise apps on has had a major refresh that gives them much more flexibility. And in the future – the divide between the agile tools on one end and the robust enterprise grade tools on the other will close as salesforce invests time and resource in leveraging heir investment.

It’s  perfect example of how big deals at a high level can trickle down and prove positive for people in the field. I’m betting that Trineo are pretty happy with Marc Benioff today. In one fell swoop the formerly confusing double edged strategy they have adopted is looking like it makes perfect sense.

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