I’m up in Auckland for the next two days at a conference. It’s being held at an up-market, seemingly business-savvy and central city hotel. It’s an IT conference and so obviously the hotel realises a bunch of tech connected peoples will be here.

I wanted to connect to a WiFi network to liveblog some of the stuff I’m hearing (as well as keep up with my day to day stuff – multitasking they call it).

I’m told by the concierge that there is no free wireless here and that they can sell me a card ($5 for an hour!). I’m lucky in that, while I often work remotely, I generally do it in places with good connectivity and so am somewhat insulated from the vagaries of disfunction.

But really – 2008, at a flash inner city hotel in the middle of an international city and I’m struggling to check my email!

Might be time for a mobile BB connection!


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